Wednesday, May 04, 2011

"A Winter's Night" --my synopsis

A uniquely styled, witty yet sober look at 21st Century relationships complicated by the isolation of human technology and the culture of today’s modern society.

Emily, Shelby and Graham are lost at different points within the current “post-personal” human age:

Emily works at a museum in Whitechapel and speaks to no one. But from her cramped flat in North London, she speaks to the world! Who are these two opposing personalities who share the same physical body? And which one is actually real?

Shelby is a student at King’s College. She is a self-sufficient free-spirit who thrives in her world of constant Internet communications and doesn’t give a second thought to juggling some 300 online friends.

Graham is a successful photographer who prefers to stay clear of technology because of the overwhelming affect it has on his sanity!

Split between a tragic event some twenty years ago, and a frosty December fortnight in London, “A Winter's Night” is the story of two young women who discover that they share a remarkable past and are inadvertently brought together by the peculiarly likeable Graham, as he sets about photographing the City of London.

The three of them discover real bonds of friendship, sadness and loss as they learn their true identities beyond the world of online relationships, computer rhetoric, and cyber personalities.

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