Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Walt Whitman Bowling Haikus

Planks pitter patter
dance the Dervish pine runway
balls and holes as one

Sup with me leaguers!
imbibe thy cold-sprung barley
sort us from the weak!

Oh my filthy holes!
take thee flaming balls to task
grip thy trophy fast!

Sing, Oh alley, sing!
let our legacy live on
each ball turned to blue

Thy supported wrist
snow powdered gloved hand and ball
rearrange thy pins

Kegler, hear the din!
as a bull we charge young lanes
full alley we rent

America bowls!
today I return used balls
I give my shoes back

Cold domestic beer
let today be paradise
summer rates are here!

Semi-pro bowler!
let your handicap a’ shine!
be forever loud!

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