Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Sonics of Shakespeare (the first three)

(These were created using voice recognition software)

Sonic 1

Film Paris to cheer with this error in case,
Debt thereby duties rose might never die,
What has the right to shoot by time the stance,
It then there it might better at an RE:
But sell contracted to nine or by A’s,
Deepest day lights and we see substantial new,
Making the game and we’re a bowl it’s nice,
Die sale the eighth pole, and die sweet save tool.
Vale I it now with its British on it,
And only a lone tool that goes with spring,
Witty and on board to bore used content,
And, tender test waves in the data been.
But did the wit, ordinance gonna be,
To it the world’s two died today NT.

Sonic 2

When the 40 interns shadow my bow,
And the deep trenches in that stays be a,
Tell you not so very, so gaze on how,
We’ll be a driver we’d, a small would hand:
And being taxed with art die tutee Nuys,
Where the trail issues diagnostic dates;
To say, what and din own thee suffer highs,
We’re in all the team share and did this space.
What’s more plays guitar Diablo to use,
If Doc wants (an) answer, ‘this Fitzgerald’s name,
Sailing might count, and make mat ward excuse,’
Proving he’s due to buy stock station nine!
This weird to be in no meant when Dow fold,
And steep dive brewed why I tell the used code.

Sonic 3

Milk and like less and ten days dealt the list
Knowing that time that this should form another
Who was fresh repair if not all the note the nosed
Dole goes to the delta what all the best of some mother
Foliage to sell to a close unneeded warm
Tuesday and as the DH of the husbandry
ROA is the sole fund will be the two am
Always self rule to stop post Derek D.
Diet time under glass and she and the
Calls back to know who the 8000 of the time
So ballot title windows of time they should state
Does that offering goes to use the record and time
“if the only if calling them voted not to bid
Days singled and a new image days with D.

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