Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Dream Moves 1

She was so intimidating--
Her hair and her
Breasts bragging
Her wonders a camera
Trained upon me as
I made my move

Which was a combination
Of moves

The first move was for
To get under the
Camera's periphery
Where I could
Make the rest of my
Moves in private

She was Medusa without
The snakes and without
The terrible face
She was a Fergilicious

With wavy stranded locks
Cascading from the part
At the center of her scalp

Never-the-less if I did
Not make my first move
I would surely be turned
To stone...I would be
And then the
Other moves would be moot
Even if I managed to
Pull them off

Then the next move
Would be to touch--
Just above her hips at
The waist I would
Move her to me even
Though the intimidation
Wave lengths were
Bombarding my brain
As if her body could
Climb my cortex and
Stare at my thoughts

If she did this, she
Would see my thoughts
Which would reveal my
Still meager confidence
In what I was doing

Now I needed my third
Move which varied

This time the lips were
My third move--
As I continued to shield
Myself from the force field
Of her Medusian body-stare
I dipped and dove at her lips

Who doesn't like a kiss?

The rest was all improvisational
As we both transformed
The grandeur of her
Wonders into a heat wave
Of skin tugging and grabbing
And miniature lip bumper cars
As we battled back and forth
In feeble attempts to
Intimidate each other

We intimidated each other
For hours

When we finished and I
Re-dressed myself
Somehow I was wearing
Her intimidation
I had no other choice
But to let her make
Her moves on me

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