Sunday, July 03, 2005

"And Word"

Here's a little "Vocog" poetry:

Below is a voice-recognition version of the Anonymous Ballad, "Edward," that I dictated into a Word document, and then formatted as I saw fit to. It is interesting when read aloud, that the sonic qualities of the original work are maintained (and even amplified) to a large degree, while the poem becomes something else completely:

“Why does show brands Tse Tung the globe,
And word, and what,
Why does show brands sold to it with blood,
And one C. said King you owe?”
“I came to yield my whole city kids,
Never, never,
Oh I hate key and my hope so good,
And I had been there but you know.”

“What does a mood was near so real,
And what, in,
Your heart is glued was near sated,
90 years on the tail of the U.”
“YAG and Meyer I will miss teen,
Never, never,
Will I hate to my raid loans tied,
to the arrest was a fair and for you.”

“Missed it was loaded and you hate gates Mayor,
And word, and would,
Use the west of and he had a game where,
Some of us are duty to zero.”
“01K killed my if either dear,
Mister, Nader,
Oh I have to live a year,
A lesson ways nih-MY-uh- oh!”

“And what some tenants would you do a format,
Where, we’re at?
And what improvements would vary forward pat?
Lady of song, now tell me you.”
“Have said my feet and younger booked,
Never, been,
A segment fits in younger boats,
And a fifth or the CEO.”

“And what will you do with your towers and you’re hot,
And what, worked?
And what will you go with that our senior high,
That were safe in to see you?”
“And let them stand toe day down from a,
Note to, know how,
That didn’t stand and to obtain down,
For the NBA are their non-view.”

“And what will you need to your bands and your wife,
And word, Woodward?
And what was the FDA of bands and your wife,
When she can go as CEO?”
“Bill weld is some room, they’ve been big thing I’ve,
Never, never,
The well does so, in the NBA CIF,
410 year than what I see you.”

“And what will you be to your and neither gear,
And word, and word?
And what will you be to your opinion 30 year?
My dear son, note and you.”
“That cars and hand frame the issue and you be,
A never, know what,
The test and Hannah Finley shall you do you,
See council you gave to me you.”

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