Saturday, May 14, 2005

Open Caskets

Frozen midair mid crash mid cardiac arrest

Friday desk cleaning cleaning lady vacuums noisy halls phone muffled

mutant ring the ring of fear the ring that brings ringing

into the heart’s coronary ear tempts the ghostly talisman

Aging news off-hook answered heard hissing like the iron

hissing like the devil

defiantly the fabric yields to fate unfolding the wrinkled rape betrayed

Steam demon shrouded life hazy memory sleeps future wiped present hidden

past fading, fading, fading family drifting deciding forgetting vomiting

Fainting frozen

A deer, a dear, a headlight bright light hallucinogenic halogen halo round

downed felled tree deer tree dear rock oak titanium

God gone

The sky, the casket, the box the room the viewing dinner theater flowers

Pick a package make a deal copper tin copper tone mahogany teeth

veneer enamel smoke

tears tomb bomb

Stitched jaw molar grind pallor trowel foundation pancake chap stick

Split fingers set, pressed collar bloated chin stomach gut drained blood

Show time

Neil Diamond Robert Goulet Sammy Davis Junior

makeup suit chest hair shirt black coiffe do rouge mascara

Copper tin copper tone mahogany box golden ring Rolex smoke

tears tomb bomb

Wayne Newton jet black jet Vegas, Vee, Vegas, Va, thank you, thankyouverymuch

King gone King Kong has left the Empire State building

Frank Stallone alone quiet bronzer smile sharkskin still asleep alone peaceful

Viewing alone leaving alone flowers tissue MapQuest

Where’s the wine?  Where’re the women?  The loungey dead, dear dead

Throw panties bras flowers cards cigars

Cry, cry, cry, weeping sad happy glad happy sad entertainer

face party

Wax museum chill, face and hands favorite suit slit fit hospital gown

clown taxidermapalooza background back stage two

opening acts

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